Plumbing Inspections & Leak Detection

TinyGiants Plumbing Inspections

Our licensed plumbers are experts at leak detection in your home plumbing system as well as the gas lines in your home. They look for signs of things that could become problems, such as underground leaks that can cause your home’s foundation to shift and even crack.

Hidden Water Leaks

Usually when a leak occurs, the source is readily evident. Either one can see the rushing water or hear its sound. Smaller leaks, however, can be more hidden and difficult to locate. The water hidden inside your walls or ceiling can travel a great distance before it becomes evident, making it difficult to know where the source of the problem lies.

TinyGiants Plumbing Leak Detection Techniques

There are techniques and tools that our professional plumbers use to detect water leaks in both homes and buildings. Every leak is different, so we look for signs like odor or sounds. Based on these signs, we choose the detection methods accordingly.

Plumbing Inspection on Your Own

Make sure the kitchen faucet and bathroom faucets are not leaking or dripping, and look underneath sinks to check for leaking pipes. You can also check the walls and ceilings for water spots.

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